Sacred Tree Pendants

Sacred Tree Pendants

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Sacred Trees of the Forest O'Fae Pendants

Where Angels, Faeries and Spirit Guides Reign

Trees are powerful symbols of growth, death and rebirth. They represent the eternal, immortality or fertility. The concept of the Tree of Life or World Tree occurs in many mythologies. Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree and became enlightened. Hinduism believes in the Sacred Fig Tree. Judaism and Christianity believes in the Tree of Knowledge, Good and Evil. 

Trees are featured in fairy tales. They are said to have tree spirits or elementals that tend to them. Faeries, Spirit Guides reside in forests and have a special affinity for trees. In the Lord of the Rings books, Trees known as the Ents play a big role in the battle against evil. 

If you hug a tree, you can actually feel its healing energy. A very grounding experience. (I highly recommend hugging a tree when you are feeling depressed, worn out or in need of a magical boost!)

Created with non-wire, semiprecious stones, crystals and glass beads. All crystals and stones are cleared with sage and charged with Reiki. Each Sacred Tree of Life is unique.


Picture of Cupid's Treehouse Rose Quartz  Pendant
Rose Quartz stone of love, compassion and healing. Soothes the body, mind and soul.
Picture of Midnight in the Grove Sacred Tree Pendant
Silver faceted glass crystals
Picture of Celestial Leaves Sacred Tree of Life Pendant
Lapis Lazuli Labradorite: Gemstones of protection, magic, good fortune, prosperity and communication.
Picture of Celtic Fae Sacred Tree Pendant
Freshwater Pearls represent the Divine Feminine. Aids in fertility, purity and calm the body, mind and soul.
Picture of Where the Indigo Children Play Sacred Tree Pendant
Labradorite Blue Chalcedony - Gemstones of protection, magic, good fortune, releasing the inner child and connecting with the Spirit Realm. .