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Picture of Ahhhh So Peaceful Pod  Pendant Rhodonite
Rhodonite known as the Supreme Nurturer. Used for healing, balancing the body, chakras and aids in weight loss.
Picture of Akashic Garden Peapod  Pendant
Magical Labradorite awakens psychic abilities. Said to help connect with the Spirit Realm. Used for protection.
Picture of All You Need is Love Peapod Pendant
Rose Quartz is the stone of love!
Picture of Amethyst Dreams Enchanted Nest Pendant
Magical Amethyst is used for protection and healing. Calms the mind.
Picture of Ancient Shaman's Dream Time  Eagle Nest
Turquoise revered by the Native Americans as a healing stone. Used for protection and good fortune.
Picture of Angels Gather  Peapod Pendant
Angelite, Rose Quartz and Blue Chalcedony - Gemstones of love, compassion and healing. Said to help one connect with Angels and the Spirit Realm.